Coterie Holdings is firmly placing itself as leading light in the fine wine arena as it formally announces the launch of its wine investment platform Jera.

First brought to the industry’s attention in October 2019 when Coterie purchased fine wine merchant Lay & Wheeler from Naked Wines, the past six months, has seen the group announce the appointment of Michael Saunders as its new CEO and most recently in December, share the news of its acquisition of specialist wine importer, Hallgarten & Novum Wines.
With Michael now in place as CEO, Coterie is delighted to share further information on Jera, the group’s wine lending platform.

Jera is an online platform for wine collectors and restaurants to borrow using their fine wine as collateral. Translating as ‘the harvest’ in Old English, Jera was founded by a team of wine lovers who saw an opportunity to bring a traditional market together with leading technology and modern finance.

The demand for fine wine remains healthy, and for collectors looking to unlock value from their wine collections solutions have been complicated, with low loan to value rates offered against wine. Jera is the solution, providing collectors with instant quotes based on a more attractive loan-to-value rate.

Founders and Directors of Jera, Chris Robinson and Greg Malone have decades of experience across the fine wine and investment industries and the marriage of their joint expertise, together with tech-based co-founder Lily Feng, led to the development of Jera.
Michael Saunders, comments, “Fine wine collecting is enjoyed by increasing numbers of people and businesses. With so much value tied up in wine cellars, Jera has been created as a simple solution for collectors seeking to temporarily unlock some value should there ever be the need.
“Historically, borrowing against the value of wine collections has been complicated with low loan-to-cellar value rates. Jera shares clear loan-to-value projections using accurate, up-to-date pricing from Liv-ex. Our customers’ wines will be securely stored in Coterie’s brand new, industry-leading fine wine warehouse throughout the agreed loan period.

Borrowing against other collectable assets like fine art has always been more straightforward than it has been for wine. We recognised this gap in the market and have launched Jera for wine collectors looking to unlock value from their wine cellars.”

Unlocking the value of wine collections simply, quickly, and affordably, the true value of each individual wine collection is evaluated using Liv-ex data. Recognised as the global marketplace for wine and trusted by businesses in 47 countries, Liv-ex provides accurate and up to date pricing, enabling Jera to offer loans based on standardised, actual transactional price data. Throughout the period of the agreed loan, wines are transferred and stored in Coterie’s state of the art fine wine storage facilities Coterie Vaults, while the wine continues to mature and potentially appreciate in value.

Further information and valuation quotes for wine collections can be discovered on the Jera website: Jera – Unlock the True Value of Your Wine Collection (

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